Part-fund your new website with a grant from your Local Enterprise Office

As part of the National Digital Strategy, the Irish government is funding small businesses to grow online.  This funding is provided through the Trading Online Voucher (TOV) scheme, administered by Local Enterprise Offices

How much is the grant?

The grant will currently cover 50% of the cost of the project, up to a maximum value of €2500.

Who is eligible?

Most small businesses with less than 10 employees and a turnover of less than €2m.  Businesses much have been trading at least six months and have a limited e-commerce offering.  

A few business types are ineligible including semi-state companies, charities, conferences, trade associations and IT companies.

What can the grant be used for?

Although primarily used for the development of e-commerce websites, the voucher can be used for most projects that help your business get trading online. This can include training, consultancy, photography, videography, online advertising and marketing.

The grant cannot be used for the development of a brochure website.  At minimum, you must be able to receive payment for good or services online.

How many times can I apply for the voucher?

Each business can apply up to two times.  This can be helpful if you are looking at a complex project which needs to be broken up into phases or need to follow up a website launch with a marketing push.

How do I get the voucher?

The first step is to attend a seminar explaining the scheme, usually online.  Your Local Enterprise Office will run them on a regular basis, they are usually listed on the LEO website under Financial Supports.

After the webinar you will be directed to an online application form which takes around 30-60 mins to complete.

You will be required to get three separate quotes for the work, however you can choose whichever quote you feel best meets your overall requirements.

Need help getting online?

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